Handmade Ice Cream    Arctic Chill (Soft Serve w/Mix in)
Soft Ice Cream 
Italian IcePolar Cap (Soft Serve Capped w/Italian Ice)
Handmade  Yogurt 


Milkshakes    Floats    Banana Split    Kids Sundaes    Brownie A la Mode      


Sundaes     “Big Chill” (8 Scoops/4 Toppings Whipped Cream & Cherry)


Ice Cream Cakes     Pints & Quarts   Grab ’n ’Go’s


Hot Fudge *  Strawberry *  Pineapple *  Peanut Butter *  Marshmallow *  Caramel

Chocolate Syrup *  Wet Walnuts *  Butterscotch *  Peanuts *  Peanut Butter Cups

Gummi Bears *  M&M’s *  Oreo *  Reese’s Pieces *  Malt


Oreo *  Peanut Butter Cup *   M&M’s *   Reese’s Pieces *   Gummi Bears
Heath *  Andes Mints  *  Kona> (pineapple, coconut & banana)




Made from many of our homemade flavors +

Banana * Blue Raspberry *  Cherry *  Chocolate *  Cotton Candy *  Lemon *  Malt *

Mango *Strawberry * Teaberry * Vanilla


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